Trial Lawyers: Accomplish More in the Next Year Than You Accomplished in ALL of Last Year


Dear Colleague,

As a fellow trial lawyer, I know the incredible demands that everyone makes on your time.  It feels like everybody wants to carve out a piece of your time:

Clients…   Partners…   Judges…   Judicial assistants…     Opposing counsel…     Witnesses…  Spouses…   Clients (again)…   Kids…   Support staff…   Deponents…  Court reporters…   Clerks…    Friends and family members with a “quick legal question”…  Telemarketers and legal service providers…   Clients (once again)…

Even when they want “just a minute” of your time, responding to everyone else’s demands chews up a huge part of your day.

And then, after you’re done taking care of everyone else, and if you’re lucky, there’s still a little bit of time leftover for you to:

Prepare for trial…   Keep on top of caselaw…   Keep your trial skills sharp…   Keep up with your CLE…   Market your firm…   Develop new clients…   Improve your professional reputation…   Make sure your trust account is in order…   Enjoy a good book…   Stay on top of the news…   Keep healthy…   Have a passionate and romantic love life…   Be a good parent for your kids…   etc.

As a Trial Lawyer, You Face Unbelievable Demands on Your Time

But the problem with time is, it seems like there’s never enough of it to go around.  You’ve got a million things to do each day, but only 24 hours to get it all done.  That’s why Lincoln said, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade” – it’s all you’ve got!

How Can You Get Everything Done, and Still Have Time for a Life?

Most trial lawyers try to solve the time-crunch by doing the same thing: They look for a “time management” program to fix the problem.

But there’s a huge problem with time management: You can’t “manage” time.

Time isn’t a “thing” that you can hold in your hands or mold into shape.  You can’t slow it down or speed it up or bend it to your will…

Time keeps moving along, regardless of whether you’re getting things done… or not.

Lack of time is just an excuse.  There are trial lawyers out there getting more done before 9 o’clock in the morning than other trial lawyers accomplish the entire day.  It’s not your time…  It’s how you think about and organize your time that makes all the difference!

How I Discovered the Secret for MASSIVE Success

A few years ago, I was working 80-90 hours a week and enjoying TONS of success inside the courtroom.  I was burning the candle at both ends, trying to keep myself going with junk food, Diet Dr Pepper, and Starbucks’ caramel frappuccinos (lots of caffeine, and only 2398 calories each!)  I wouldn’t consciously remember to do things like exercise, eat right, or invest time renewing myself.  I’d try to “cram it in” — between emails, hearings, phone calls, depositions, deadlines, and trying to keep on top of everything else.

(Sound familiar?)

The problem is, when you’re living your life like that, you can’t enjoy the same level of success OUTSIDE the courtroom.  Your relationships fall apart (know any divorced trial lawyers?), your health diminishes (know any overweight trial lawyers?), and you never seem to have enough energy to enjoy the rest of your life (ever “crashed” halfway through the afternoon?)

But then, the best thing in the world happened: I met an AMAZING woman.

That’s when I knew things had to change.  If I didn’t find a way to get more control over my time, the inevitable would happen — I’d be so overwhelmed with work that she’d never feel like she was a priority in my life, I’d make her feel neglected, and I’d lose her forever.

If wanted to begin enjoying a high level of success OUTSIDE the courtroom, then things had to change with the way I was “managing” my time, immediately.

How to Become an “Instant Expert” on Time and Productivity

Fortunately, as lawyers we have an amazing skill for becoming “instant experts” on any topic area.  Whether it’s preparing for a final exam, the bar exam, or just getting ready for a cross-examination, we have an amazing ability to cram TONS of information into our heads, organize it, and turn it into something useful.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I went out and bought about 20+ different time management programs…  Books, manuals, videos, audio programs, live training…  You name it, if it looked worthwhile, I added it to my “instant expert” collection.  Then I speed-read my way through all of them to become an “instant expert” on time management and personal productivity.

But here’s the problem…

None of Those Programs had “The Answer” for Busy Trial Lawyers

In the process of devouring all of those productivity programs, I realized that none of them really had the answer that I was looking for.  Most of them were based on the idea of creating glorified “To-Do” lists.  Like you, I already had a million “To-Do” lists…  Putting them into a new order or giving them a new name (“ACTION ITEMS!”) didn’t do anything to help me get more out of the day or get a life.

And so many of these programs seemed like they weren’t created for real people, but instead were developed for robots (and robots without a social life at that!)  Did they seriously expect me to divide my entire day into ten minute “windows of productivity” or put little egg-timers all around the office or only go to the bathroom on a pre-determined schedule?  That’s NUTS!

But even though some of the programs were complete junk, that doesn’t mean that ALL of the programs were worthless.  In fact, I found some little nuggets in several of them that were worth keeping.  The problem was, I wasted a lot of time trying to separate all of the “good stuff” that actually works from the garbage that just wasted my time.

That’s when I realized I needed to create a new program, taking the best from each program, and synthesizing it into something that would work for a busy trial lawyer like me.

This Program is About Having it ALL

Too often as trial lawyers we think that we can have either a fulfilling personal life or a successful professional life.

But having rampant success in just one area of your life is only fulfilling in the short term.  In the long run, you’re not going to feel a genuine sense of accomplishment unless you’re succeeding in ALL aspects of your life.  (Trust me — the satisfaction from winning a big case quickly fades when you realize there’s nobody waiting to celebrate with you.)

The key to a rich and fulfilling life is balance.  No matter which part of your life is most successful, you can expand that success into every other aspect of your life, and live the life of your dreams.

I’m here to tell you, “Yes, you CAN have it all!”

Ever since I discovered those secrets for enjoying success inside AND outside the courtroom, my life has completely changed for the better.  In addition to the professional success…

… I’ve had more energy, better health, and a more fulfilling relationship than ever before.

… I’ve had time to travel to London, to Paris, and a few other places around the world with that amazing woman I told you about earlier.

… I’ve been able leave work whenever I want so I can teach law school classes or spend time working on pet projects that I never had time to enjoy before.

… And perhaps most important of all, now I’ve got a family!  And I get to spend all the time I want with my infant son!

None of it would have been possible before I disovered these secrets!

And that’s why I want to share all of these techniques and strategies with you.

Announcing: “TIME! (for Lawyers)” – A 90-Day Program that Will Help You Get More Done in Less Time So You Can Enjoy a Successful Life Inside AND Outside the Courtroom!

“TIME! (for Lawyers)” goes beyond the traditional time management programs to help you focus on the most important activities in your life and eliminate the mental and physical barriers that are preventing you from getting the most out of your life.

The program consists of video trainings and a series of brief (but powerful) exercises to help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

In just 12 weeks, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process that can easily DOUBLE your productivity.

Here are Just SOME of the Techniques and Strategies You’ll Learn:
  • How a simple change at the beginning of your day can give you more energy, more focus, and better health for the rest of the day.
  • How to clear off your “mental desk” and eliminate the distractors that have been preventing you from getting things done.
  • How to eliminate interruptions at work, so you can focus and get things done faster and with more focus than ever before.
  • Ever been at work and found yourself thinking about family stuff?  Or been on vacation with your family, but your head is stuck thinking about problems with a case?  Most trial lawyers do this, and it prevents you from enjoying time with your family AND from getting things done at work.  You’ll learn a quick and easy technique for avoiding this problem!
  • Do you “multi-task” so that you can get more done?  You’ll learn why multi-tasking actually makes you LESS productive, and how to focus yourself to work on ONE thing with laser-like precision.
  • How to stop worrying about things outside of your control so that you can do a better job of changing the things you CAN control.
  • A simple way to recharge your energy level…  even in the middle of trial!  (And no, it doesn’t involve caffeine!)
  • And more!

By the time you’re done with this program, you’ll feel like you have more time, more energy, and better focus than you’ve ever experienced before!

What’s Your Time Worth?

Let’s say you’re making $50,000 a year.  That means an hour of your time is worth about $25.  If this program gave you just one hour per week, it’d be worth over $1250 to you this year.  More likely, when you apply the techniques and principles in this program, you’ll be able to gain an extra hour each day.  Assuming a 5 day work week, this program would easily be worth over $6000 a year to you!

This Program Will Be Worth THOUSANDS to You

But since I want to make this training available to EVERY trial lawyer, and can distribute the program to you through an online, home-study format, I wanted to provide this training to you at a price that was so incredibly low that ANY lawyer or law student could take advantage of it.

Although the training in this program is superior to time management programs that I’ve bought for as much as $497, and contains information better than what I learned in productivity seminars that cost thousands to attend, I didn’t want to price this outside the reach of the trial lawyers and law students who probably need it the most.  That’s why I’m making it available to you for the low price of only $97!

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t worry, because you’re protected by my personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee.   Register for the program and watch all of the training sessions.  I’m confident that if you apply the techniques and strategies you’ll learn in this program, your productivity will skyrocket.  So, if at the end of the program you aren’t 100% satisfied with your increased productivity, just email me and ask for a refund.  No hassles, no questions — I’ll cheerfully refund your entire investment.  You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
What to Do Next

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